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grow your community

The World's Greatest Coffee Cups

  • Custom App Storefront
  • Host Meet-Ups & Events
  • Premium Custom Printing
  • Organic Growth For Your Brand
  • Retain 100% of Your Profits (Really)

(Demo Courtesy of Good. Cafe In California)

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Events On Your Sleeves Are Invites To Let Customers In

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Host Events & Utilize Sponsors To Maximize Your Potential!

The Community Cup Service Provides


Monthly Event Sponsor Payout

1st Three Months


2nd Three Months


1st Six Months


2st Six Months


Monthly Income Goal


Full Color Sleeves, Apps, &

Scheduling Event Services $0.10/Unit*

*Price Includes: Shipping, Custom Coffee Sleeve, & Custom App

Minimum Order: 5,000

Have Extras Sleeves As Your Community Grows

10% Service Fee To Maximize Sponsor Income



This Section Is For Your Design & Your Main Event. We'll Take Care Of Your Sponsor Placement

For your protection, The Community Cup® does not own or retain any rights of your Logo, Cafe Name, Website, Social Media Accounts, or Business information.
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After Approval:

Only your Sleeves will be charged.

Sponsor funds will be deposited directly into your bank.


Cups & lids available by request. $0.13/unit (Includes shipping)

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